Hello, Let me first start by saying that I am not the person that puts the lines in the sand. I am more of a person that just loves geckos. I breed what I love. So lets dive into these three subjects.


What is quality when it comes to Leopard Geckos? This could apply to any gecko. Do you think quality is health alone? Or do you think quality is in how bright a tangerine is, or how bright a W/Y is? Is quality visual or is it the health of the animal. This is a hard question to ask and answer.

For me when I think of quality geckos I am thinking the health and the bac ground of the gecko. at the same time if I am looking for a certain look then I will way in on the look of the gecko. This is where it gets muddy. My quality of look may differ from your quality of look. You may like the deep dark orange tangerines and I like the bright neon orange tangerines. You may like Hypo albinos and I like banded. When it comes to health is when the majority of us can agree on what a healthy gecko is.

I see it a lot in the hobby a person say their tangerines are not high quality. Their Bell albinos are not high quality. So first thing that pops in my head is they are selling unhealthy animals. As I stated above quality of look will vary from person to person.

So in my opinion I think we should present our animals we produce and let the people that like that look work with them geckos. When it comes to geckos I have seen geckos list for $1000.00 I do not like. Then I see a gecko that is posted for $200.00 and I am thinking to myself, WOW look at that animal.


Here is a topic that almost everyone that owns Leopard Geckos face. They want to produce Leopard Gecko babies. Lets be honest here, Leopard geckos are very easy to breed. I would say that they are one of the easiest reptiles to reproduce in captivity. That in itself is not the reason to breed though. There are a few things you need to think about.

  1. Can you sell your babies? This is not as easy as it looks. There are times I will have babies just not sell. You will have to feed these animals. so know going in a single female can lay up to 18 to 20 eggs. YES it is very possible to get 18 to 20 eggs from a female. Now 8 to 12 eggs are more common but going in you need to think about what can happen.
  2. What is the reason you are breeding them? Are you looking to produce a certain look? Are you just pairing anything to anything just to get babies? My reason to breed is I love this hobby and I am really hooked on raising geckos. I love the changes they go through. I love seeing the attitude changes. Just everything about geckos.
  3. Do you have the space? This will take up more room as you produce more geckos. Make sure you have the caging and the space needed.

Do not get caught up in what others are doing. Everyone’s opinion on what is nice looking will differ. So breed what you love and go after the looks you want.


Ethics? What is good breeding and what is bad breeding. This is something you will see a lot of people can not agree on. There are three albino traits many feel(myself included) should not be mixed. Then there are three Eye Traits(Eclipse, NDBE, and Marble Eye) That should not be mixed. Also traits(TUG, Mack, Gem and Line Bred) again in my opinion we should not mix these either.

Now ethics go deeper then just mixing some traits. I also think Ethics go into labeling the animals for what they are. So if they are het tremper label them het tremper. So when a person buying your geckos they will know what they are buying.

So it just comes down to honesty.

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